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General donations to the Foundation are held in escrow for future needy animals and enable us to provide emergency veterinary assistance when needed.  Thank you so very much for your help with these tragic and traumatic cases. 

Northstar Equine Foundation, Inc.
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Providing Help and Hope to Animals in Need...
Following the brutal torture of a horse named Northstar, the Northstar Equine Foundation was formed to provide financial and physical assistance to critically abused, neglected and/or injured animals and to become a catalyst to strengthen the animal cruelty laws in Pennsylvania.  We are a volunteer run organization and have applied for tax-exempt status in the spring of 2013, ID #46-0876636.  The Foundation registered with the Commonwealth of PA, Bur. of Charitable Organizations under certificate #42162.  

WARNING:  Some photos may be graphic and disturbing



Baby Wizard and his stable mate Viper were caught in a devastating barn fire on March 15th, 2014 and sustained first, second and third degree burns over a large portion of their bodies. 

Wizard is a wee baby, only 6 months old and not fully weaned from his mama yet. Wizard was born on the farm (watch the AMAZING video of Wizard's birth at the bottom of this page!)  He has known nothing but this place for his lifetime. He is burned over his head, neck and back - with most of the damage being caused by excessive heat rather than flame impingement. According to the fire marshall, temperatures in the barn exceeded 1400 degrees Fahrenheit. The barn is a total loss and has burned to the ground.

Viper is a 7 year old gelding described as an "everything" horse. He was an orphan that was given to the family who grew up to be an all around working horse... from sorting cattle, to team roping to barrel racing to babysitting the children. It looks as though Viper's wounds are over his withers and shoulders with more serious wounds on his rump. The owner thought Viper may have been pushing on a super-heated metal gate with his butt to get it open. She said that Viper is a big-hearted, work-loving mount so it's likely he was smart enough to move away from the flames and try to get out of the burning barn by opening the gate.

As was the case with Northstar, the horses have remained at home after the fire where they've been treated diligently by their vet and owners. They have shown an extremely strong will to live - not going off feed or exhibiting signs of colic.  Wizard has had some tenderness in his feet, however xrays showed no sign rotation or sinking of the coffin bone (founder.)  Both horses have a good prognosis for recovery.

Wizard and Viper have made two trips to the University of Florida Veterinary Hospital where they were treated for their wounds.  They are now back home and are being cared for by their owners and a pretty awesome team of dedicated friends and associates called Team Big Hat.  We do not know at this juncture if either horse will require skin grafts, but it is likely they will.

Wizard and Viper's owners, who have a homeless ministry in Florida, are willing and ready to do whatever it takes to save these horses that so obviously want to live and we would very much like to help them save their beloved animals. They have a 27 year old son with special needs and their goal is to one day run a camp or farm for special needs people. She said, "If I never am able to ride Viper again, he will be my ambassador/soldier horse!"

Thanks to our supporters, The Northstar Foundation was able to provide funding for Wizard and Viper's two trips to the hospital.  We have had the extremely good fortune of being joined in our efforts by another organization, Dreaming of Three, who is currently hosting a tee-shirt sale to benefit these very needy and deserving horses and their owners.  Proceeds from the sale will be used to help pay future veterinary costs, such as skin grafts.  Please click HERE to be transported to the tee shirt sale where you may learn about the artist, her vision and purchase a shirt!


We continue to ask for your assistance and donations for Wizard and Viper, so that we are able to help with future bills.  Donations for Wizard and Viper may be mailed to:

NEF, Inc.
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Or you may use their paypal account to donate:

Thank you so very, very much!